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Wrocław - What gnomes have to do with Social Realism Times

Price: 32 EUR
Date: 2017-08-24
Time: 09:00-12:30

Duration: 3,5 hours

You would not have been in Wroclaw very long time before you find yourself tripping over one of the small bronze gnomes that are dotted around everywhere. There are so many of them that nobody really knows how many there are. The latest estimates show around 180 of them. Although they have long held a place in Polish folklore it was the political events of the 1980s that escalated their importance. During communism any subversive slogans were quickly painted over by the authorities. In return, this was painted over again, this time with pictures of gnomes by protesters belonging to the Alternative Orange movement. People began to dress up as gnomes at marches and gatherings and subsequently the gnome became a symbol of Wroclaw - and has been ever since.
To feel better those crazy and hard times we invite you for an exclusive ride by a historic tram with a guide comment on curiosities of social realism architecture and generally life in Wroclaw during PRL.

Sightseeing of Old Town: Market Square (Rynek) dominated by the impressive 13th-century town hall and bordered by a rainbow of beautifully renovated historical buildings. Salt Square (Plac Solny), renowned for 24h traditional flower stalls, widnicka Street. For centuries this was the most important street in Wroclaw often used by merchants travelling along the Amber Road from southern Europe towards the Baltic Sea. This part of the Old Town boasts several distinguished public buildings, department stores, hotels, churches and statues.
Snack in PRL restaurant.

Price includes:
- Historic Tram Ride
- English speaking Guide
- Sightseeing of Old Town
- Snack in PRL Restaurant